Restoring Windows Xp Backup to Windows 7 is Easy Now!

Backups and Their Creation: It is very important to create backup copies of your personal data files and folders by using Microsoft windows in-built NTBackup utility. You can find this tool in Windows NT Operating System including Windows 2000, Xp and 2003.

NTBackup Not Supported in Windows 7:Now, in Windows Vista and Windows 7, NTBackup are replaced by Windows Backup and Restore Center and its file format is virtual hard Disk (VhD). Now the backups are supported to modern storage media like DVD. however Windows 7 does not offer in-built backup utility.

First Step:

If you are thinking of restoring windows Xp backup to Windows 7, Microsoft offers facility to download NTBackup, which is free of cost available on Microsoft official website

Second Step:

after downloading NTBackup tool form Microsoft web site you can restore backup in Windows 7 from Windows Xp.

Restoring Windows XP Backup - BKF Recovery

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In case your windows Xp Backup files are corrupted or damaged then you would need to install a third-party backup recovery tool to Restoring Windows Xp Backup to Windows 7. BKF Repair Software is a premium tool to extract your all your important data and to Restore Backup in Windows 7 from Windows Xp. With the help of BKF Repair software you can open, extract files and folders from the corrupted Windows Xp BKF files if you are restoring backup from Windows Xp to Windows 7.