Process of Recovery BKF Using BKF Repair Tool

Follow the below mentioned simple steps of BKF file recovery process to repair BKF file data from corrupt BKF files using BKF Recovery software:

Step - 1 - First and foremost step is to open BKF Repair tool. Go to Start > programs > BKF Recovery Tool. The opening screen of BKF Repair will appear as shown below:

Recover Corrupt BKF

Step - 2 - Click at the ?Scan BKF? button on the toolbar; this will help you to obtain the scanning options as shown in the following screenshot.

BKF Recovery Software

Step - 3 - Browse the BKF file and select an appropriate scanning mode and click "Scan" button to proceed the recovery..

Repair BKF File

Step - 4 - While scanning the following window appears showing the progess details and status.

Restore BKF File

Step - 5 - After recovery the following screen appears with all files an dfolders within backup file in tree like structure. Right click on single file to Extract or view single file at a time with option to search the files.

Repair BKF File Software

Step - 6 - The following screen will pop-up as you click extract button. Choose the suitable extraction mode and browse the location to save the file. Click extract to process saving of backup file.

Recovery BKF

Step - 7 - As the extraction completes, the following message appear. Click "OK" to exit.

Recovery BKF

How to Open the Recovered BKF Files?

Navigate the location selected during the process to open the recovered BKF files which you have recovered using BKF Repair tool. Double click to open those files using their respective application.

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